Top Five Reasons Why Retiring in Houston Makes Sense
Jonathan Perlman, founder of Tradition Senior Living in Houston & Dallas, TX.
Tradition Senior Living
June 8, 2023

Retiring in Houston can be a dream come true for many individuals seeking a desirable and exciting city to spend their next chapter. Houston offers a plethora of attractions and advantages that make it an ideal retirement destination. At The Tradition, a premier retirement community, you can maximize every reason to retire in Houston. Here are the top five reasons why retiring in Houston makes sense.




Houston is a city bursting with activities to suit every interest. From shopping and museum hopping to enjoying the Houston Symphony and exploring the beautiful parklands, the cultural scene in Houston is a must-see. The city is renowned for its world-class museums, such as the Museum of Fine Arts, where you can admire European and American Art, antiquities, and special exhibits like the Impressionists and Post Impressionists.

Don’t forget to visit the Houston Zoo and be captivated by the cheetah, black bear, and bald eagle. Another must-visit attraction is the Space Center Houston, where you can view multiple flown spacecraft. At The Tradition-Buffalo Speedway or The Tradition-Woodway, our social directors include visits to these cultural hotspots and more in their daily activities calendar.




Food enthusiasts retiring to Houston will delight in its vibrant restaurant scene. Whether you’re craving artisan pizzas, BBQ brisket, Gulf Coast seafood, or a mouth-watering Certified Angus beef steak, Houston has it all.

At The Tradition Communities, including The Tradition-Buffalo Speedway and The Tradition-Woodway, our extraordinary chefs serve delectable New American cuisine paired with select wines and spirits every day. For those who want to venture out, Houston offers a wealth of magnificent restaurants to satisfy any palate. In fact, The Tradition recently took our residents to the Pit Room on National BBQ Day!




Houston enjoys predominantly sunny weather throughout the year, making it perfect for leisurely strolls through the city’s numerous parks. While summers can be hot, they provide an excellent opportunity to escape to nearby balmy Galveston, where you can walk along the beach and ride the waves. Winters in Houston are mild, offering pleasant temperatures for outdoor activities. It’s worth noting that storm season in Houston can bring above-average storms and hurricanes, occasionally resulting in power outages.

However, at The Tradition, you need not worry. Our natural gas generators provide complete electrical backup for the entire community, ensuring uninterrupted power supply for critical infrastructure, air-conditioning, and individual outlets in apartments. When retiring in Houston, you can enjoy the weather’s pleasures without any concerns.




Houston is home to some of the best medical resources in Texas. The Texas Medical Center (TMC), the largest medical center in the world, is situated on 1,345 acres and boasts leaders in medicine, research, and healthcare innovation. Within the TMC complex, you’ll find the world’s largest children’s hospital and the world’s largest cancer hospital. The medical minds in Houston are unparalleled. If you choose to reside at The Tradition, we can provide transportation to your medical appointments, wherever they may be. Additionally, we have our own Physical Therapy Center, and our Assisted Living and Memory Care communities are equipped with licensed nursing.




Houston’s rich history is evident in its numerous historic sites, which provide ample opportunities for exploration and learning. Experience the grandeur of the San Jacinto Monument and Museum or immerse yourself in the charm of Sam Houston Park, a City of Houston Protected Landmark and a State of Texas Historical Site. One of the most thrilling historic sites is the Battleship Texas National Landmark.

At The Tradition communities, we bring speakers who enthrall residents with captivating tales of Houston’s and Texas’s history. Outings to these historic sites are regular features on the social calendars for residents retiring in Houston and living at The Tradition-Buffalo Speedway or The Tradition-Woodway.




If you haven’t found your dream retirement home, consider The Tradition. Tradition Independent Living Retirement Communities offer spacious, light-filled apartments with terraces or balconies, as well as beautiful common areas adorned with antiques and crown moldings. Enjoy fine dining, a state-of-the-art fitness center, and a constant flow of fun and informative social activities and programs designed to foster mental and physical health. Each Independent Living Community is part of a continuum of care, including Assisted Living and Memory Care. Tradition Independent Living Communities are located in five convenient Texas locations: two in Dallas, two in Houston, and one in Fort Worth.

Retire in Houston and embrace the vibrant culture, exceptional dining, favorable weather, top-notch medical resources, and educational historic sites that make it an unbeatable retirement destination. Join The Tradition and experience the retirement you’ve always dreamed of in the heart of Houston.

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