Five Ways to Pass Your Story Down to Future Generations
Jonathan Perlman, founder of Tradition Senior Living in Houston & Dallas, TX.
Jonathan Perlman
May 11, 2020

The story of your life is one that is unique to you. Nobody else has lived your life, and no one else ever will. When the next generation and generations to come think of you, you want them to have access to a legacy of storytelling that lasts well into the future. That’s why it’s important to think about ways to share your story with your family and future generations now. Don’t wait.  The spoken, written and photographic stories you tell will impact your family for years to come.  Also, this is a very productive and entertaining way to spend some hours while things are slow during this unusual time of COVID-19.

Here are five ways to pass your unique story down to future generations:

Create Your Family Tree

Your family tree helps paint a photo of where you came from and where your family’s going. This can be a physical piece of art, a simple chart, or a combination of the two. It can even be written in paragraph form, as long as the members of your family are logged and accounted for. You may choose to use old and new photographs, use a genetic tool like to help get the full picture, or simply sketch out the tree yourself. Make a copy, scan and save it digitally, and/or frame it so that there’s always a family tree for your loved ones to reference.

Write It Down on a Blog

It’s never too late to bring a bit of modern technology into your life—and at The Tradition, we offer a computer center so that our residents can access the Internet whenever they need to.  A blog is a wonderful way to record your life’s story and impressions.  It is a simple format and easily accessible by your family for years to come, no matter where they are throughout the world. Two great blog resources can be found at and

Interview Yourself

Sometimes it can be hard to get started when it comes to talking about your own life, childhood or personal experiences. What would you ask a friend or celebrity about their lives? Write those questions down and then answer them yourself. Once you get started, you might be surprised what kinds of memories come back to you. 

Master the Art of the Album

Are your photos organized into albums, stored in shoe boxes, saved on a family member’s computer or a combination of the three? Perhaps it’s time to create the multimedia story of your life. Create a storybook of sorts, using the images to jog your memory along the way. This visual life narrative will be a beautiful, lasting and treasured gift to share with your loved ones.

Make a Video at the Generation Broadcast Center (GBCTV.Net)

One way to tell your story in video form is with Generation Broadcast Center (GBCTV.Net), which hosts a wonderful group of individuals recounting their personal histories—from Veterans to athletes to those who talk about their experiences through the decades.  Go to or, for a quick response, email the site’s founder Scott Farber directly at to get started.    

No matter how you choose to share your story, don’t miss the opportunity to do so. Your children, their children, and future generations to come will enjoy getting to know you better every time they read, listen or watch.

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